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Front Stud Replacement

Time, Total Time, Cost, First-Time Cost

10min per stud, 60min, 
Number of Persons 1
Difficulty level 4
Tools Hammer, 22mm wrench, vice 
Special Tools None
Special Parts Studs, 10-12mm washers, 12mm-1.5 nut
Service Manual Pages N/A
Service Interval When worn or stripped 
Prerequisite Jack (20min), Front Wheels (15min), Front Hub (15min)

Sometimes it becomes necessary to replace a wheel stud.  Usually, this is because a stud has become stripped or worn.  It may be a good idea to replace all five studs--the cost is minimal. 


1.  Prepare tools: we will need a hammer, a 22mm wrench, a few (10 or so) 12mm washers, a 12mm x 1.5 nut and a vice to hold the hub.  The 12mm x 1.5 nut is a 12mm nut with 1.5 threads per millimeter--this is a mid "fine thread" nut at hardware stores.  Parts: It's important to use a hex nut instead of a lug nut when seating the stud as the tapered end of the lug will dig into the washers and ruin the lug nut. 

2.  Carefully jack up the car and remove the front wheels and hub.


3.  Place the hub on a hard and stable surface and pound out the stud with the hammer.  It should take one or two hard blows to drive it out.  You may want to place a block of wood under the four hub bolts to keep them from getting damaged.

4.  Place the hub in a vice (I lock on to the head of of the adjacent stud).  Insert the new stud and place 5-10 washers and nut.  Use the 22mm wrench to draw the stud flush with the hub.  Remove the nut and washers and repeat the process with the remaining four studs. 

5.  Make sure the stud has been fully seated by tightening the nut well.