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Jacking Up The NSX

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Time, Cost, First-Time Cost 20min,  $0, $60-300
Number of Persons 1
Difficulty level 1
Tools jack, jack stands
Special Tools  
Special Parts  
Service Manual Pages  
Service Interval  
Prerequisite None
Read about Jacks at THE NSX FAQ (  

1.  If done properly, jacking up the NSX is safe and easy.  Make sure the floor is solid and level and the parking brake is set securely.  Check your jack and stands to make sure they're in good working order and the stands are set level.  

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2.  The mid-jack point is located just in front of the door seam (as shown above).   If you're going to be removing the wheels, loosen the lug nuts slightly before proceeding (if you forget, there's a workaround--see below).

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3.  Double-check the parking brake (make sure it's set) and smoothly start jacking up the car.  Make sure the jack stands are set to the same height and are secure.  Position the stands so the jack points will make contact in the center of the stands.  Slowly lower the jack, keeping an eye on the stands and contact points, you may have to re-position the stands slightly to keep the points centered.

4.  Carefully jack up the other side as explained in step 3.

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For extra safety (or if you forget to loosen the lug nuts), you can wedge a piece of  wood between the seat pan and the brake pedal to engage the front brakes.

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