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Front Hub Removal/Installation 

Time, Total Time, Cost, First-Time Cost

15min, 1h 20min
Number of Persons 1
Difficulty level 3
Tools Torque wrench, 12mm,14mm socket
Special Tools None
Special Parts None
Service Manual Pages  
Service Interval  
Prerequisite Jack (20min), Front Wheels (15min), Front Rotors (30min)


1.  Prepare tools.  We will need a torque wrench, ratchet and 10mm and 12mm sockets.

2.  Carefully jack up the car remove the front wheels and rotors.

3.  Remove the wheel sensor (10mm screws) bracket.

4.  Remove the four 12mm hub nuts and gently remove the hub.

5.  Installation is the reverse of removal.  Torque for the four hub nuts is 47 lb-ft.  Note: the service manual recommends replacing these nuts.  The hub can only go on one way, so rotate the hub 90 degrees if the bolts do not line up with the holes, keep on rotating until everything lines up.