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Time, Total Time, Cost, First-Time Cost 30min, 1h35min/1h55min, $0-0, $0-0
Number of Persons 1
Difficulty level 5
Tools Torque wrench, 17mm socket, Ratchet, 8mm screw (optional), emery cloth, impact screwdriver (optional) 
Special Tools None
Special Parts Rotors
Service Manual Pages 18-15, 19-5, 19-16, 19-9-10, 19-19-20
Service Interval  
Prerequisite jack (20min), front/rear wheels (15min), remove front/rear calipers (30min/50min)  



1.  Prepare tools: we will need a torque wrench, a ratchet, 17mm socket, a 8mm screw (use a break hose bracket bolt 12mm socket, see removing front/rear calipers) and some emery cloth.  An impact screwdriver may be necessary in case your rotors are attached to the hub with Phillips screws.   

2.  Jack up the car and remove the appropriate wheels.

3.  Remove the front / rear calipers.

4.  Remove the two caliper bracket bolts, use the 17mm socket and torque wrench or breaker bar to initially break the screws loose--they're on there tight.  Use the ratchet or your fingers to loosen the screws the rest of the way.

5a.  If your rotors are held on by two Phillips screws, then these need to be removed first using the impact screwdriver.  Just place the tool over the Phillips screw head and strike with a hammer and the screws will easily loosen.

5b.  If necessary, use the 8mm screw to break the rotor free.  First use one of the 8mm screw holes in the rotor and turn the screw until the rotor breaks free, do the same with the other side of the rotor to completely break it free

6.  Remove the rotor

7.  Clean off any oxidation from the hub and both sides of the rotor and wheel where the rotor makes contact with the hub and wheel.  Use the emery cloth.  Here I'm using a die grinder with a Scotchbrite pad to knock off the oxidation buildup.

8.  Reinstall the rotor

9.  Reinstall the caliper bracket and the two screws--torque them two 80 lb-ft (17mm socket)

10.  Reinstall the caliper, don't forget to put the 8mm brake hose bracket screw back on if applicable

11. Reinstall the wheel

12.  Lower the car and torque the lug nuts