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Brake Fluid
What is Brake Fluid?

MOTUL Brake Fluid
Boiling Point (Fahrenheit): Dry 585, Wet 392
Comptech     $11.84 (1/2 liter)
RM Racing   $10.50 (1/2 liter)
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AP 550 Racing
Boiling Point (Fahrenheit): Dry 550, Wet 284
I/O Port Racing 10.95 (1/2 liter)
OG Racing 10.95   (1/2 liter)
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AP 600 Racing
Boiling Point (Fahrenheit): Dry 572
OG Racing 17.95 (1/2 liter)
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ATE Super Blue
Boiling Point (Fahrenheit): Dry 536, Wet 392
Dali Racing 10.00 (1 liter)
OG Racing
9.95 (1 liter)
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Castrol SRF
Boiling Point (Fahrenheit): Dry 590, Wet 519
OG Racing 69.95 (1 liter)
Dali Racing $50.00 (1 liter) 
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Ford Heavy Duty Brake Fluid
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Castrol GT LMA
Boiling Point (Fahrenheit): Dry 490, Wet 325
~2.19 (12 oz)
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Prestone Heavy Duty
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Brake Bleeding Tools

Turkey Baster
Ace Hardware Stock#62845 $1.89
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Bleeding Bottle
Griot's Garage: (800) 345-5789.  Item #50348, $39.95
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DIY Bleeding Bottle Cheep!
Clear Vinyl Tubing 1/2" I.D. x Ace SKU  2ft long
Sport's water bottle

Speed Bleeders
10mm x 1.25 or part number SB10125, cost $7 each from
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Brake Pads
What are Brake Pads?

Front: $166.50    Rear $166.50
Good for normal street driving.  Low dust and noise, good wear.  Will fade on the track. (NSX Parts Guy) Front $127.62, Rear 107.31/ 1997+ 75.71

RM Racing
RM Racing $279.00 Set

Dali Racing
Dali Racing Race $210 Set 
Dali Racing Street/Track $190 Set

Porterfield (Street/Track) R4-S $119/$99 (front/rear)
Porterfield (Race) R4 $159/$110 (front/rear)


Other Brake Tools

3" C-clamp
ACE Hardware Stock #22121, $4.29

Channel Lock

Brake Cleaner
ACE Hardware Stock #80887, $2.89

Rear Brake Tool

High-Temp Lube

Anti-Squeal Compound

Impact Screwdriver


ABS Tools

Bleeder T Wrench
Part# 07HAA-SG00100 

Motor Switch
Toggle switch, (2) 2ft of light gauge wire (18-22), (2) medium male disconnects (crimp connectors)

Solenoid Switch
(1) Toggle switch, (2) normal sized alligator clips, (2) small battery clips, 6ft of red wire (18-22), 6ft of black wire, wire switch inline (red).  Make two small 6in wires, strip both ends.  Make one end of each a probe by cutting all but 1 or 2 wires of the strand.