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Front Splash Guard Removal

Time, Total Time, Cost, First-Time Cost

15min, 50min
Number of Persons 1
Difficulty level 3
Tools Torque wrench, 12mm,14mm socket, impact screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver and hammer
Special Tools None
Special Parts None
Service Manual Pages  
Service Interval  
Prerequisite Jack (20min), Front Wheels (15min), Front Hub (15min)


1.  Prepare tools.  We will need an impact screwdriver with Phillips bit, and a regular Phillips screwdriver and a regular hammer.  An impact screwdriver can be found at most auto and hardware stores for under $20.

2.  Carefully jack up the car and remove the front wheels and hub.

3.  Use the hammer and strike the impact screwdriver to initially loosen the Phillips screws holding the splash guard on.

4.  Remove the screws with the regular screwdriver and remove the splash guard.