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Checking The Engine Oil Level

Time, Total Time, Cost, First-Time Cost 1min, 1min 0, 0
Number of Persons 1
Difficulty level 1
Tools rags, maybe some motor oil
Special Tools  
Special Parts  
Service Manual Pages 8-4
Service Interval At every gas tank fill up and always between sessions at the track 

1. Check Oil.   I like to make sure the engine has been off  for at least 10-15 minutes before I check the oil.  Its been my experience that if the oil is checked right after the engine has been shut off, then it will read low, causing one to add oil, which causes an overfilled condition.  Make sure the oil level is at or near the upper hole on the dipstick.  If it's not, then add a little oil until it reaches the top hole.  If the oil is new, then the level may be difficult to see on the dipstick, when this happens then look through the upper hole, if you don't see any oil in the hole, then you can add some more.