A Few Bent Valves 

Once upon a time I decided to to a DIY timing belt change--I mean--I can change brake pads with the best of 'em and you should see me do an oil change; so how hard can it be to change the timing belt?  Answer below.

How it happened

Room full of parts that should be on my car but aren't because I had to take them off (note: headers on the left hand side, they are hard to remove/install)

Box full of parts from Tracy.  That's $700 bucks worth of every gasket, o-ring, crush washer, seal and hose required to put the heads back on

Labeled Ziploc bags full of bolts and stuff 

Head parts

Top of a head w/cams & rocker arms

Un-bent valves 

Intake chamber

Thermostat type thing in foreground, butterfly intake volume control in background 


The secret of VTEC


#1 Piston

#2 piston

The timing belt goes here (water pump pulley, adjusting pulley and crankshaft pulley)

Head gaskets

The heads are on

Lots of bolts to torque down in sequence 

Spool valves 

Waiting for the intake

Water hoses

Abby's torquing down the intake while I have a beer--she did most of the engine work, I drank most of the beer.

Unbelievably, when I was finished with the project, there were no bolts or parts left over and the car seems to run better than before. 

Happy wrenching!